July 23, 2014

"Fishing for lake trout." {July 4th}

For lake trout?  For lake trout...actually, brook trout.  Whatever.  I wanted to use the quote.

My 4th of July weekend this year was AMAZING.  I was with Hank and his family, so duh, right?  But seriously, it was fabulous, fun, and fantastic.  It started off with Hank, his folks, and I going on a 16 mile bike ride.  So much fun!  And not as hard as it might sound, since it was a paved bike trail and mostly flat.  But it was just lovely, following the lake shore.  So beautiful.  I wanted to take pictures, but I need to figure out a way to bring Jack along so he will be safe and secure.  Anyway, that day ended with a Duck Dynasty marathon, which is always a great way to end the day.

The next day (the 4th) we went fishing at Hank's grandparent's place.  Well, he fished, I took pictures.  I've also been told that his sister, Bonnie, almost hit me on the head when the fish she caught came off the hook and flew through the air.  I was looking the other way, so I didn't even realize it until she told me. *grin*  We spent the rest of the afternoon eating, visiting with Hank's family, and went for a 4 wheeler ride, too.  And we were supposed to spend the evening at a friend's party, but I ended up with a nasty headache (too much heat, not enough water) so Hank took me home.  Which was really sweet of him, as I told him multiple times.

Warning: pictures of a dead fish coming up next. :)

And we finished up the weekend working on our fence at our house...well, it's not my house yet.  But it will be in 73 days. *smile*  I have fencing pictures which I will share with you all later.

So what did you do on Independence Day?  I want to know!


  1. First off, LOVE the title. When I read it in my head, I heard it in Anne's voice... Funny how that works.

    And can I just say, I think this post is awesome. Why? because, reading about you working on your fence at your house, (even though I already knew you did that over that weekend) and only 73 more days! OHHHHHHH I"M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!

    And, and, your dress is going to be beautiful, and you are going to be beautiful (I guess beautiful-er would be more correct because your already beautiful), and it will be just SO very wonderful *sigh*.

    And, yes, this comment is kinda out there, and random, but who cares!

    I love you! bye!

  2. I love the photos Tasha! It's so much fun actually seeing what I hear so much about...
    Hmm..Independence Day was filled with hours filled with spending time with my sweetie... ;) and of course, family and some friends too. I missed you, but then, you were doing the same thing--just the opposite direction.... ;)
    Ahhh! 73 days! I'm SO elated!

  3. Awe! Just so fabulous Natasha! Thanks for keeping us posted! *smile*

    Our family spend our 4th. of July evening with some family friends and some of their 'real' fam. We had a great time! Especially since this year their back field didn't catch on fire from the fireworks the guys set off like last year! Ha ha!

    So much love and thoughts!

  4. Your photography is beautiful and I love your title ;) It sounds like you had a lovely fourth!

    Miss Elizabeth

  5. Summer busyness has kept me away from the internet lately (causing me to miss out on commenting on your last couple of super exciting posts *insert extended EEEEEEEEP* ;), but I just HAD to stop in and say congratulations! You and Hank sound absolutely perfect for each other. Hearing about you guys working together on “your fence” made me so happy! I'm sure that the next 72 days will go swiftly indeed. :)



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