May 13, 2014

April 2014 // Report Card

Helping Hank shear his sheep.   I use the term "help" loosely here. ;)

This is my ewe Emma's mom, Biddy, with her two lambs from this year.

Photo a Day & Weekly Posting | A- | I'll admit it.  I've been a bit busy lately, so regular posting as suffered a bit.  Not in the amount, just in timing.  Which is really okay.  My blog, my know how that goes. ;)

Dance More | A | I've definitely been getting a lot of dancing in!  There are several swing dances to go to in the area, which is convenient.  Plus Hank, Christopher, Kellie, Ellen, and I have started taking swing dance lessons together.  So much fun!!  I'm disappointed that I haven't made it to any of the contra dances lately, though.

Jenny & JD getting ready to go on our Easter Sunday walk.

One Cross Stitch a Month | A | Not technically a cross stitch, but I embroidered Liz's present for her, and I'm working on an embroidery for myself now. :)

Selfie time!*grin*

Movie "Fast" on Sunday | C | Not so much...but I'm not terribly bothered by this since I've been watching less movies during the week already.  They're not a distraction from my Bible time like they were last year.

Transporting Ingrid to her new home.

Impromptu ice cream parties. :D

Buy Less Clothes | B | Only two stops at the thrift store, and I got a pair of jeans that fit!  As you may remember, that was on the list.  So I did a pretty good job. *smile*

Hope Chest | F | Nothing new to report.

Going for a stroll/hike on Aubrey's birthday.

We're totes adorbs.  Just saying it cause it's true. ;)

Practice my Mandolin | F | I thought you were going to do some jamming with me so I wouldn't fail this month, Hank! *grin*

Keep up on House Cleaning | A- | Considering how much I've been running around lately, I've done a pretty good job of keeping the house clean.

I believe the credit for this amazing culinary creation goes to Lilly.
Spend More Time in the Word | A | I'm enjoying my Bible study with Hank so much, as well as really getting into my personal daily reading.  His Word is amazing.  No matter how many times I've read a passage, there is always something new to notice and learn.

Happy Trails, everyone!


  1. Ohhhh Tasha, You are so adorable (have I told you that lately???) I couldn't help but get a smile on my face seeing the picture of you and Hank on a walk... the smile is still on my face. I am so incredibly happy for you, and very much enjoying seeing this time in your life. Love you! Maria

  2. I am totally going to be walking around the house grinning the rest of the night if I don't stop looking at that picture of you two!: )

  3. The smiles on this series say it all! Happiness and blessings abound out in north Idaho! Lilly's cake for Aubrey is just the cutest ever and the outdoor trek with everyone together looked like a perfect birthday celebration all around. From a distance, I would say your "to do" list of goals is on track for a great year. We should all be so lucky to be able to report such grades at the end of the first quarter of 2014!

  4. Such a great post! We all love seeing what you have been up to!

    I second Maria's last comment! So happy for you!


  5. What to do when you find an empty window frame? Take a photo! :D

  6. I love your report card updates! :) You and Hank are ridiculously adorable, you're right. ;).

  7. I am so happy for you both!! Your smiles ARE contagious! Oh, and Hank looks so different without his beard! Which do you prefer, facial hair or no facial hair? ;)

  8. Maria - Hehe, I'm so glad that picture made your day! :D
    Love you, too!!

    Winnie - :grin: Yep, smiles and happiness are certainly going around!

    Cassie - Aww, thanks!

    Hana-Marmota - Exactly! :D

    Mary Beth - Thanks! It's nice to have someone confirm my opinion! ;)

    Brianna - Thank you! Although I originally asked him not to shave his beard, I like him with or without it. He looks younger without it:)


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