May 20, 2011

Gallop. Slide. Buck. Snort.

Every spring, when I let the horses out to pasture for the first time, they put on a show for me...
As usual, Bob (in the middle) takes little, if any, part in the wild, joyful capering of the other two.
The reckless galloping.  The sliding stops.  The bucking.  The snorting.  It's truly a sight to behold!
No, Bob gets down to the business of eating as soon as he possibly can. ;)
Freckles (in the foreground) runs, and runs, and runs.  He may be in his late 20's, but he's still going strong!
Bobby boy - my wonderful Prince Charming. :)
Happy Trails!

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  1. Hi! Your horses are so wonderful!!!
    I ride as well, and am saving for a horse of my own.
    I was looking at some of the things on your bucket list, and one of them ( #5) is also on my "I have to do this" list. Galloping with no saddle or bridle, in an elven dress with no shoes, helmet, and with my hair down on a beach, is one of my biggest dreams!
    I'm glad somebody else, (besides my horse crazy friend) has the same dream!! Anyway,
    your blog is beautiful! Keep up the good work!
    God Bless, Abigail


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