December 17, 2010

Today was a loverly day.
It began at 7:40 AM, driving down our country road with Alex.
We saw a big herd of elk...
This is only part of the herd - there were probably about 30 or 40.  They're so majestic.
After snapping a few pictures, we continued on our way.
We had an appointment to keep.
A rendezvous at the Country Boy Cafe in Athol for breakfast.
For a small town - the population at the last census was 676 - Athol has some good places to eat, the Country Boy being one of them.
We pulled up, turned off the car, and waited.
And we didn't have to wait long before Aubrey and Kellie pulled up in their white van.
Yes, today was a milestone day - Kellie, Aubrey, Alex and I all went out to breakfast together with not a parent to be seen.
Such fun!  I can't speak for the rest of them, but it made me feel quite grown-up, to be sure;)
After a hearty breakfast with plenty of talk and laughter, we all headed over to the spot where our Azure food co-op pick-up is.  That was our excuse, by the way, for going out to breakfast - somebody had to pick up our Azure orders!;)
Thank you Kellie for hatching the plot.  We'll have to do it again sometime:)
On our way home, we saw a flock of turkey's crossing the road...
Why did the turkey cross the road?  To get to the other side, of course!  hahahaha!  :D
I just love living in the country:)
As for the rest of my day, well it was loverly, too.
I got two Christmas packages boxed up, and dad and I mailed them this afternoon.  (T. Millers, you should be getting your package on Monday:)  While we were in Athol, I also was finally able to pick-up my library books, although two of the books I had requested had to be sent back.  I dislike that very much.   The librarian looked disapprovingly at me, as if it was my fault that they had to be sent back.  And I have one book that's due back in 4 days!  It's a thick book and I'm sure I won't have finished it by then.  Oh well.  I can try:)
Then mom and I watched part of Little Women (1994 adaptation) while I worked on my crochet.
Yes, I repeat - today was a loverly day.

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