April 16, 2010

Sweet Pea's Lambs

We now have 6 little lambs running around in the "nursery"!
Sweet Pea lambed at around 11 o'clock on Tuesday night.
Baby girl
Baby boy - aka Squirt.  Squirt is about half the size of his sister, and is our only ram lamb this year.
Napping in the sunshine - you can see how small Squirt (on the right) is compared to his sister.
Rubber banding one of Esther's lamb's tails.
I'm planning on keeping Lady Jane's lambs for breeding.
Cora and Rowena with Bonnie - Bonnie can't quite figure out why they don't want to play with her:)
Rowena (laying down) and Cora.
Esther's lambs, still no names - I'm still a trifle concerned about them.  They just aren't gaining weight like they should and they're a bit lethargic too.  I gave them an electrolyte drink with the syringe and they seemed to perk up a bit, so maybe that's all they needed.
I'm so thankful that lambing season it finally over.  Now maybe I can get some sleep;)
Happy Trails!

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