March 23, 2010

The Wedding: Preparation

Now that I'm sufficiently recovered from my trip, and sufficiently recovered from my cold, I think it's time to begin posting pictures from our trip!
So without further ado, Part One of The Wedding: Preparation...
We arrived in North Carolina on Wednesday the 10th.  I'm so glad we came several days before the wedding so we could help out with the last minute details. 
I spent the first day dipping almonds and pecans in chocolate with Abbie.  We attempted to watch "The Happiest Millionaire" but between the numerous phone calls that Cuz was making and taking, and a rather bellicose game of Risk going on between the boys, Sarah, and Uncle John, I didn't really get much out of the movie.  We re-watched it later, and I loved it:)
Poor Cuz had been sick a few days before, and at this point had pretty much lost her voice...the phone calls didn't help.
The Risk players - Ken, Ivan, Sarah Jo, Uncle John, and Alex.
Alex, as usual, took control of Australia...I warned them not to let him do that;)
Cuz and I also made the punch - yummy banana pineapple.  No, really, I did help!  I was just, umm, supervising at this point and playing with the cellphone! 
That evening all of the girls - Faye, Abbie, Aunt Donna, Sarah, and I - worked late in to the wee smas folding favor boxes and stuffing them with the chocolate dipped nuts, and homemade truffles.  I think we stayed up till 1:30 AM working on those, but by the time we went to sleep they were all done and ready to be transported to the church the next day.  It was a good feeling.
Sarah Jo and I had the job of putting the nuts into little silver and gold foil/paper cups.  They looked so elegant!
Cuz making truffles...or attempting to make truffles while also laughing at something the Chief said. 
Ken - the sweetest and cutest of all little boys.
Alex and Ivan stayed up talking until 6 in the morning on the first night, so they only got about 3 hours of sleep.  We sent them to bed early for obvious reasons:)
Good ol' Molly dog
The next morning, with a good nights sleep under our belts, and hot showers behind us - it's amazing what a hot shower will do for you! - we headed over to the church to decorate the reception area.
Abbie and Gabby (sister of Sam, the groom) decorating the glass candle holders with tulle and ribbon.
Jo Bug
Shoes.  Abbie's shoes, to be exact.
Hey!  What do ya know?  The rest of Abbie is attached to those shoes!
You know, I think that just won the award for the dumbest caption ever.  I mean, really Tasha...
Me!=D  We used a ton of adhesive velcro (you know, I'm not really sure how you spell velcro, but I don't really care either;) on that table skirt, but it looked great in the end!
Sarah Jo again - she's 13 and a Miller.  No other explanation is necessary.
A committee meeting of some kind - Ken, Faye, Linda (Sam and Gabby's aunt), and Ivan.
Abbie's shoes case you're wondering, Abbie was under the table for a reason.  Table skirts and more velcro.
Brothers - Uncle John and Uncle Tom
Glassware art
Even the guys got put to work shaping the candles to fit the candle sticks.
Ivan and Uncle John.   Apparently they were supervising and drinking coke.
More velcro
Ribbon art.
More velcro.
Lookin' good!
Tune in next time for *duh duh duunn* Part Two of The Wedding: The Rehearsal...
Happy Trails, y'all!

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