October 26, 2009

Some people's dogs...

My dog likes to chew.
She likes to chew on many different things, but her favorites, so far, seem to be wood (tables, chair legs, etc.) and electrical cords (a friend of mine even gave me a "bouquet" of electrical cord plug ends as a joke gift to replace those that Bonnie chewed off;)
However, her chewing habits seem to have died out lately...except for chewing up one of my crocs shoes.  That was in a fit of "rage" - I had been gone all day, she was upset with me, so she got her revenge by chewing up my shoe.
But, that was an exception.
She is three years old now, after all...
She should know better by now, right?  She's certainly had her rear end paddled enough times to get the point across...
But, Bonnie is not your average dog...
No.  She lulls you into a falls sense of security, and then...POW! she strikes.
I do wonder about her taste sometimes, though.
Wood, I can understand.   Lots of dogs chew on sticks.  Bonnie apparently has a more sophisticated taste in that area - sticks aren't good enough for her.  It has to be tables and chairs.
I can understand electrical cords, too - they're so nice and chewy...not that I know from personal experience.
Shoes?!  A standard item for the dog who enjoys chewing things!
But, I honestly can't think of another dog who would chew up, and ingest, the contents of a tube of Synthetic Grease...
Now, you may be thinking, "That cute little angel?!  Eating grease?!".
Ok, maybe angel is a bit much...
Don't let her fool you - that little "angel" got a 3 oz. tube of Synthetic Grease, chewed it open, and consumed approximately 2 oz. of it.
Now, you may be wondering, "Where in the world did she get a tube of grease?"
Well, I sure wasn't using it, and Mom sure wasn't using it, so that leaves two options...nuff said;)
Naturally, I was a bit concerned that my dog had ingested grease, so we looked up the stuff on the internet to find out what was in the stuff - the ingredient list was unreadable because some dog chewed on the tube.
Thankfully, we found that this kind of grease was not only non-toxic, but is actually USDA approved because it is used for fittings on water filters.
So, praise the Lord, Bonnie will most likely be perfectly fine...although I'm going to make sure she goes outside on a regular basis just in case the grease has a, ahem, lubricating effect.
Here's the culprit, behind bars, with the evidence in the foreground...
Bonnie's new nickname, and she has many, is Grease Monkey;)
Happy Trails, folks!

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