August 31, 2009

Fun at the Fair

We went on Sunday mainly because the Panhandle Polecats (aka the Little family) were going to be performing.  We took Michelle along with us, which was a lot of fun=)
It was a great performance!
Molly (Little) Wilbur, playing the mandolin, is due to have her baby in 4 weeks. 
Austin Little
Bonnie (Little) Campbell (aka Bonnie-the-human, not to be confused with Bonnie-the-dog) on the guitar, and Molly Wilbur.
Hank Little
A tip from the Polecats - don't wear black.  It get's really hot.  Especially in the afternoon sun.
I believe it.
They played and sang several of the songs from their latest CD, Selkirk Storm, including one that Austin wrote called Bald Gal
Yes, you heard right.
It goes like this...
A toe-headed girl ain't got much sense / A red head packs a punch / A bald-headed girl ain't got no hair / But a brunette's got a a bunch
Bald gal, bald gal / Walkin' in the rain / A girl with hair is a tangled mess / But a bald gal looks the same (yee-haw!)
Well around this big, wide world / You won't find a gal like mine / She cooks me corn-pone every day / And, Boy!  how her head can shine!
(repeat chorus)
And so on...I think you get the idea.
Add in musical interludes of Austin playing the washboard and the jaw harp (aka jews harp), Molly playing the kazoo, and Hank playing the harmonica and you've got Bald Gal!
After their performance was over, I couldn't help it, I just had to ask him.
"So, Austin, if I see any bald gals, should I send them your way?".  He thought about that for a moment, "Actually, no, don't".  I just couldn't resist;)
We then proceeded to walk around the fair, looking at the exhibits, and visiting the different animal barns.  Alex entered quite a few things in the fair this year, as always, and he won a blue ribbon for a photograph he entered.
Here it is...
The photography category is very competetive, so we're quite excited that Alex got a first place!
Then Michelle, Alex, Christopher and I walked over to see if we could see anything of the demolition derby that was going on in the arena.  There were so many people there, that we couldn't see anything ('cept for some smoke and dust), so we decided to go talk with the Polecats some more.
Annoy is probably a better word;)
They had to hang out for a while because they had to bring some of the animals that they were showing at the fair back home that evening. 
So, we talked...and talked...and talked about many diverse topics including Ham radio, glue, carnival rides, etc.  (you can tell from the topics who was doing most of the talking;)
Quality home schooled and formerly home schooled time.
Then, we came up with nicknames for some of them.  They are now officially "one of us";)
Which may or may not be a good thing...time will tell.
Meet Dexter Smuff...aka, Austin.

Meet Oscar Smuff...
aka Hank - he was a much more obliging customer, and smiled for the camera, therefore, we do not have any strange pictures of him.
However, Dexter, on the other hand...

Poor Dexter...Alex sure had a lot of fun with him=) ;)
And after all of that, it was time to head home...don't mind me, I had my eyes closed:)  And a strange smile...
Happy Trails, ya'll!

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