August 2, 2017


Long time, no write. *grin*

I'm composing this on my phone, so I will keep it brief.

The last few days of our move were crazy. So thankful to have that behind us!  We've settled into some form of normal life in our trailer.  It's a new, though temporary, normal just as it is a temporary season in our life.  Trailer life through the summer, not that bad.  Basically an extended camping trip, but better because we are on our own land.  I think I miss the washer and the shower the most.

We have no lack of water (got the pump installed and a generator), just a lack of power. To try and make a long story short, we will not be going solar after all.  In a surprising turn of events Hank's sister and her family sold their house and bought 20 acres right next to us. We share a property line. Now that I'm used to the idea, I'm excited to have them next door.  The cousins can grow up playing together everyday if they want to!

Rob and Molly buying next to us made bringing power in a much cheaper option than solar. So there you have it.

Another major change in our plans is to build an actual house, instead of a shop barn with an apartment.  You have no idea how excited I am that we will have a real house!!  The new plan is to build a 24x24 house with a basement. We're planning small for cost reasons, but will be able to add on quite easily at a later date.

We finally have all our permit applications submittedand are just waiting on  the go ahead from the county and power company.  It could take 4 weeks or so to get that, but we're trying to be patient. *smile*

In the meantime we are enjoying our new place very much. Frequent walks and bike rides. Shearing slowed down in July, but will be busy again in the fall.

The kiddos are getting big, growing like weeds. Especially Asa! They have adjusted very well to trailer life.

And that's about it. I've been sharing a lot on Twitter (@littleNatashaM) and Instagram (@littlenatashamarie)so follow me there to stay updated.

How is your summer going? I want to know!