June 1, 2017

Moving Out

Well, this is it.  Our last week in the little house I've called home for 2 1/2 years.  Many happy memories have been made in that time and in this little house.  I will be sad to say goodbye.

But oh so happy to say hello to this every day!

This is the driveway of our new property.  And you can't even tell how truly beautiful it is there from this picture.  So many lovely trees, lots of wildflowers blooming right now.  I love it.

We finally closed on our new place on May 15.  It feels good to own land again. :)

Some details...
  • Size - 30 acres of bare land.  No power, but the well got put in last week.
  • It's in a very rural area, with no parcels less than 20 acres around us.
  • There's a ton of State and Forest Service land around us and access to a small lake.
  • We will be living in our camper trailer over the summer while Hank builds us a dwelling place.
  • That dwelling will be a shop barn with living quarters.  Down the road, when funds allow, we will build a real house.
  • It's gonna be a crazy adventure!

We found a snail - Ivy was fascinated.

There is no power on the property at the moment, so for a bit we will be off the grid.  We're not sure when we will get power, so this may be my last blog post for awhile. :(

To tide you over, here are some more pictures of Asa...

Both my kiddos are growing so fast.  I treasure every minute I get to spend with them.

One last thing...packing and moving is sooo not fun.  I am so glad we are never going to do this again!!