February 25, 2017

Just Kidding | On the Farm

 We have some new arrivals on the farm!  Here are a few of them...

Hank discovered these four cuties (3 cream, 1 brown) about 2 weeks ago on Sunday evening.  Both our Nubian does had their babies at pretty much the same time and since we weren't there to witness it, we didn't know which babies belonged to which doe.  One of the mothers wasn't very interested in any of them and, since it was cold, we decided to bring them all inside for the night. Two of them in particular were in dire need of some TLC.

Of course, Ivy thought having 4 goat kids in the living room was the best. :)

They are now sleeping in the hay barn at night and gleefully jumping around the goat pen during the day.
 We're bottle feeding three of them - one of the moms took the brown doeling back.

These two are Peaches and Bucky, and the other two are Cinnamon and Rowdy.

Harriet had her lamb the morning after the goats were born.  A strong, single, ram lamb whom Hank named Bumphrey.  So now we have Humphrey and Bumphrey. :)

More recently, we've had another goat buckling born (the last of the kidding for this year), and a new lamb this morning. Another single, but a beautiful pure white ewe lamb this time. All three lambs have the same dad, our Columbia/Hampshire ram Gunnar.  Happy to have healthy lambs, but hoping we get some twins, too!

 Humphrey is doing really well and is very happy to have a friend to play with.  He still enjoyed chasing the chickens, though. *grin*

These chickens were some of the chicks that our momma hens hatched out last summer.  They just started laying.

Gus is learning to be a good guardian dog.  We don't leave him in with the sheep all the time - he gets too playful still - but they aren't as hostile towards him now.  He can jump the fence and likes to roam the neighborhood the minute our back is turned, so that has been interesting.  He always comes back though.

We still have mountains of snow and ice, but it feels like spring here.  
 Any signs of spring where you live?  I want to know!

February 4, 2017

Lambing time...but not really | On the Farm

A belated Happy New Year to you all!

We had our first lamb of the year born on January 31st. Not when we typically lamb, but this was not a mistake!  We bred two of our ewes to lamb early on purpose.  Most 4-H lambs are born this time of year, and we wanted to see how we liked January/February lambing. To be honest, we aren't too crazy about it. *grin* It's been very cold and we have a ton of snow.  Maybe someday when we have a bigger sheep shed.  But for now, we're happy that most of our ewes will be lambing in March as usual.  In the meantime, we were excited to welcome our first lamb.  A single ram lamb, weighing in at 17 lbs.  Tabitha did a good job her second time lambing!  Ivy enjoyed petting the lamb, and "riding" Maggie. She's fearless, that girl of mine. *smile*

We just got about 10 inches of fresh snow dumped on us yesterday. 
 How's the weather where you live?
Are you ready for spring, or still loving winter like me?  
I want to know!