May 31, 2016

Gus, don't be a crazy hooligan.

Or a gooey chocolate chip cookie.
Or a giant snapping turtle.

And here he is...

Meet our livestock guardian dog (lgd), Gus!

Seven weeks old.
Introducing the two babies. :)

Right on the job, guarding "his" baby.

And here he is just the other day, at almost 14 weeks old (3 1/2 months).  Growing like a weed!

It was high time we had another dog!  Someday we would love to have a Border Collie, but that didn't seem like the best option for us right now.  High energy puppy and a baby?!  Nope, not a good mix.  Plus, we really wanted this dog to be a larger guard dog.

Gus is an Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees cross.  So he's gonna be big.  Over a 100 lbs. I think that's big enough for us.  Consistent training is definitely a must.  But he is the opposite of hyper, so that makes it much easier.  And don't let the "shepherd" in Anatolian Shepherd confuse you, he is not a herding dog.  He is a guarding dog. *smile*

He is growing into a wonderful dog.  Good with the animals, good with Ivy.  We couldn't be happier with our choice!  He's a bit shy around the sheep, but I really can't blame him.  Mama sheep are protective of their lambs, and he's been knocked over quite a few times now.  However, he seems to be bonding well with the cat, goats, rams, pigs, ducks, and chickens.  Gus especially likes the cat and the pigs.  And I think he'll do well with the ewes eventually, too.

Although he is an LGD, he will not be spending all of his time in with the sheep or other animals.  His job description would be "Guardian of Ivy, and protector of this property, including the animals".  So a watch dog and family dog, basically. *smile*

He is such a love bug!  And I love how "floppy" he is.  Trips over his own feet and is all "I meant to do that."  It is adorable!

By the way, we named him after Gus from the TV show Psych. *grin*  Plus, it's a nice short name that is easy for him to learn, and (hopefully) will be easy for Ivy to say once she's talking.

So what do you thinking of Gus?  
Have you ever had a LGD? 
Would you want one?
I want to know!


  1. Awwww, a puppy! :-D
    What a sweet [not-so] little fluffball! What a blessing that he's so calm and loveable. Y'all made the right choice not getting a more hyper breed with a growing (and probably active) baby about.

    Gus is adorable. May he serve you all well and one day make friends of the mama sheep. :-)
    Welcome to the family, Gus!

    God bless,

  2. He's adorable...I can't believe how fast he's growing! Not all the pictures showed up on my computer--maybe on my end?? But that's okay...I just love how you have the jump up outside with that little girl and love you!!! <3

  3. He’s so cute! And perfect name choice, by the way. :)

  4. Darling puppy and glad to hear that he is such a good hearted little guy! I remember we got our Yellow Lab 3 weeks before my second daughter was due and I can tell you that having a 2 year old, an active , CHEWING UP EVERYTHING , puppy PLUS a newborn was totally NUTS! Then there were those moments when nursing the baby that the 2 y.o. snatched the puppy's dog bone from his mouth, put it in her mouth and was raced about the house with the puppy madly chasing after her trying to get his toy back!@! Yeh, it cost me a few premature grey hairs during those early months!! LOL!!

  5. He's adorable!

    We got two LGD's a few years ago. The female died from supposedly parvo, but the male survived. It was very hard and upsetting for me at the time, so I never blogged about it. After we lost the female the male (Rhett) looked to the goats for something to play with, and that was the end of him being a goat dog. He has a really large pen in front of our pasture and he alerts me to things going on out there. Every time I have ignored him barking during the day, it turned out he was alerting me that one of the goats or sheep was having a baby. I love him sooo much. He loves his people to the extreme!

    Gus will love his girl, and they will be inseparable whether Ivy likes it or not.

    When you get a sheep dog will you name it Sean?

    Someday I also want to have a sheepdog. I read about some Iclandic Sheep dogs in a magazine and they sounded like a good all around family/farm/sheep dog, but then I read that they are a very yappy dog and that changed my mind, so someday in the long far away future when I get a sheepdog, its probably going to be a typical, bucket pushing, Border Collie, but its going to have to have a blue eye and a brown eye : )

  6. Gus is adorable! The picture of Ivy in her jumper by the clothes line is precious! My little girl loves to help hang up laundry now. Next year I am sure Ivy will do the same. : )


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